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More Narratives from EducationNC’s Founder

Who has the power?

Not the people.

More narratives from Education NC’s founder; skips the fact Education in NC is being driven by business and the money they wield.

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Guillory’s ‘Nudge’ Article

On January 14th, I wrote about the latest education non-profit, EducationNC. In that article, I made an assertion:

It is my personal assertion that this organization is less about “nonpartisan news” in education and more about branding and steering education narratives in North Carolina with an eye towards influencing public opinion. Time will tell, but my gut says this is a PR outfit dressed up as a non-profit. Looking at their board and supporters lends some credence to this hunch; same people, same money.

An article currently up at EducationNC by one of its founders, Ferrel Guillory, seems to be proving that assertion true. The of the article title is, Why Graduating From High School Isn’t Enough. This article is a fine example of narrative driving. Ironically enough, the article opens with the words, “Rhetoric matters.”

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Chapel Hill EWA Seminar On Common Core (Pt II)

Yesterday, I did a short write-up of one of the videos taken at the EWA Seminar in Chapel Hill on January 12th. Today is party two, “The Southern Context Of Common Core”.

“The Southern Context of Common Core“
20 minutes, 17 seconds
Participants: Jill Stancill and Ferrell Guillory

Description: “Education Writers Association conference panel on the Southern context of Common Core. News & Observer Education Reporter Jane Stancill interviews Ferrel Guillory, member EducationNC Board of Directors and professor of the practice at the UNC School of Journalism and Mass Communication.”

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