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The Morning Links (7/9/12)

Chart of the Day: do I qualify for the Obamacare mandate-tax-penalty surcharge fee?
ObamaTax: Adults Aged 26 to 64 Lose Employer Healthcare; Young Gain It
Doing Just Fine: Retailers Hit ‘Stagnant’ Economy in June
Doing Just Fine in June: Jobs Report Is Out. Summary: Unexpectedly
Tea Party the Target: Homeland Security Report Lists ‘Liberty Lovers’ As Terrorists
FAIL: Turns out domestic drones navigated by GPS can be hijacked by terrorists
$98.5 Million: Another Obama-backed energy firm nears insolvency.
President Outsourcing: Obama Admin Spending $20 Million for Green Jobs in Africa
We’re never seeing our money back: Taxpayer Cost of GM Bailout Up to $35 Billion
Obama’s Pal Raines is back: Countrywide Loans Sought Favor With Fannie Mae, Report Says
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The Morning Links (7/3/12)

Chart of the Day: The 10 grooviest new Obamacare taxes
Michelle Obama’s Mirror: Pay for Play
Because he’s worked so hard: Obama Takes the Week Off
Obama’s Number One Priority : Record 87,897,000 Americans Not in the Labor Force
Bain Boomerang: Team Obama Pissed at FactCheck.org, Insists Upon False Narrative
Guess which party benefitted: Digging Into U.S. Attorneys’ Political Donations
WSJ: The 3.8% Roberts Tax on Investment Income Kicks in on Jan. 1, 2013
Smart Diplomacy Results: As hated leaders are replaced by even more brutally oppressive regimes across the Middle East, the Arab Spring has become a sick joke

Your tax dollars at work: Dem Congresswoman and interns parody “Call Me, Maybe” Continue reading

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The Morning Links (7/2/12)

Green Fail: Abound Solar latest clean energy loan guarantee recipient to announce bankruptcy
But the war on terror is over: FBI Tracking 100+ Cases of Suspected Islamic Extremists In Military
The Chicago Way: RICO Suit Against Powerful & Politically-Connected Chicago Teamster Bosses Moves Forward
Vetting Fail: White House pulls out ambassador nominee facing drunk driving charges (even though he’s raised $500,000 for Obama) Continue reading

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