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Dear Gun Control Hysterics…

So… gun control zealots? Where have you been for the last 7 months? There are 270 people dead in Chicago since the beginning of 2012 including the 3 from last night I have yet to write about. Why is only local media is covering it? Of all the cities in America, Chicago mirrors Gotham the closest. It’s corruption is legendary and is now under the watchful eye of The Penguin Rahm Emanuel. Where are the comparisons? Continue reading

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Against Exec. Privilege Before He Was For It

Obama has granted Eric Holder Executive Privilege in the Fast and Furious case as a means of blocking Darell Issa’s contempt of Congress vote. It was very nice of Obama to tie himself to Holder’s fate like this. Mr. Issa, can we get a special counsel assigned now please? Continue reading

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Flashback – Guns In Mexico come from the U.S.

Flashback – Guns In Mexico come from the U.S. Continue reading

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“Suddenly Breaking Ranks” Again

If you believe that, I have some ocean front property in Colorado I can sell you. It’s getting too close to Obama and mentioned too much in the news now thanks to Issa and continued New Media pressure. The bus is coming for Eric Holder to get under. Continue reading

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#ObamaInHistory – Enhanced LiveStream President

We’re all sort of used to the creepy factor this administration eminates, but the editing of the Presidential biographies to include Obama goes beyond creepy and into ‘Dear Leader’ realm. It’s frankly disgusting.

My partner in Facebook Crime, #DevilDog, brought to my attention the entry for George W. Bush. Now I am bringing the absurdity to your attention. The bio itself is intact, but scroll to the bottom:
Keep Reading —> Continue reading

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Great Moments In #FORWARD

Firearms sales booming due to fear of gun control? Now why would people think that? Continue reading

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The Friday Focus (2/3/12)

THE FRIDAY FOCUS Holder Perjury Edition Rep. Buerkle (R-NY) questions Attorney General Eric Holder during the full committee hearing “Fast & Furious: Management Failures at the Department of Justice” on February 2, 2012: Stonewalling and egotistical grandstanding are the hallmarks … Continue reading

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