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Chicago Warzone Update: 3 Dead, 13 YO wounded

The Death Toll In Chicago Is Now 275.
Three more are dead…but by all means, let’s talk about blocking a Chicken restaurant from opening in Chicago because Rahm Emanuel and other useful idiots (and racist) are intolerant Christian values; they aren’t “Chicago Values”. What exactly are “Chicago Values”? Tell me more about the Alderman’s “Chicago Values” and his plans to blackmail Chik-Fil-A? Do those “Chicago Values include teaming up with that homophobic and antisemitic Farrakhan? Flashback: Farrakhan responds to President Obama endorsing gay marriage. (Image) Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: Farrakhan to the rescue? Also, 6 more wounded

Reverend Al and Jesse Jackson, step aside – The Nation of Islam is here to stop the Chicago violence. Yeah, that’s gonna work… to recruit new members of the Nation of Islam. I’m sure it’s all the fault of White people.

Pardon me while I now throw up.

The Chicago Sun-Times reports: Continue reading

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