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Why is a NC School District being allowed to intimidate families using SRO’s for testing compliance?!

Why is a NC School District being allowed to intimidate families using SRO’s for testing compliance?!

Randolph County Schools are using SRO’s to enforce testing compliance rates? WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL?

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Supt Atksinson’s Teacher Pay Wedding Cake Copies ESSA Compensation Tiers – #NCGA #NCed

Earlier in February, Supt. Atkinson rolled out her latest big campaign… err… agenda item.

That item is Teacher Pay increases.

This is not a new item for Atkinson, she’s repeatedly mentioned this since the legislature flipped to a Republican majority. That’s not a bug, but a feature of her narrative.

In this blog post by Atkinson, she rolls out her 4 tier ‘Wedding cake’ strategy. Continue reading

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What They’re Saying About Education in NC – WE 12/11/15 – #NCED

A quick round up of education related news in the state of North Carolina and beyond.

Highlights: Teacher pay stats, School choice narratives begin, Congress Passes ESSA to see what is in it, Not A homeschool updates, Higher Ed salaries revealed.

Also a BIG story -NCAE ‘refused’ to give info to NC State Auditor.

Reminders: FINAL Common Core Meeting is DECEMBER 18th.


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