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Flashback: AG Holder Gets Testy About The Job He’s Not Doing

Flashback – AG Eric Holder lashes out at Rep. Labrador:


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FBI, DOJ Sued for Info on Mueller’s Secret Meeting with Radical Islamic Organizations Continue reading

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DAG Cole: Won’t Prosecute Holder

Unbelievable but expected. Deputy Attorney General James Cole issued a statement Friday afternoon that he won’t be prosecuting Attorney General Eric Holder. Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

The Mandate and The Contempt Edition

Thursday sure was busy.

The Supreme Court ruled Obamacare’s individual mandate to be Constitutional in the sense it is a tax. Then Congress voted Eric Holder in Contempt over the Fast and Furious scandal. You can read about the SCOTUS ruling here and the Contempt vote here. Continue reading

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The Video No One Is Paying Attention To (Updated)

“The President has directed us to take action to fight these cartels and Attorney General Eric Holder and I are taking several new and aggressive steps as part of the administrations comprehensive plan.” Now we know why privilege applies. Uploaded … Continue reading

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Against Exec. Privilege Before He Was For It

Obama has granted Eric Holder Executive Privilege in the Fast and Furious case as a means of blocking Darell Issa’s contempt of Congress vote. It was very nice of Obama to tie himself to Holder’s fate like this. Mr. Issa, can we get a special counsel assigned now please? Continue reading

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