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Ruling: EPA Violated Federal Law with Social Media Propaganda Campaign

The activities of the EPA have been deemed to have broken the law, according to a report this week released by the General Accounting Office.

This is a big deal. The EPA has been running amok for a LONG time now, but has reached new heights of lawlessness under the current administration.

Quickly, I want to make a point about that last paragraph I excerpted above – the one outlining the use of social media. These media blitzes did more than violate the law, they likely cost taxpayers millions.


The GAO called the EPA’s actions and efforts an example of “covert propaganda.” Continue reading

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Great Moments In #FORWARD

Huh. Imagine that! Uh oh. Since he lost 42% of the vote in W. Virginia to a prison inmate, we better do some kind of appeasing! Hey Obama could announce he supports gays now — oh wait, did that. What’s big in W. Virginia? Ah – COAL! Continue reading

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FOX / Google GOP 9/22 Debate Rundown

I think I have debate fatigue. The first round of questions annoyed me. Not the questions themselves, but the lack of ANSWERS to them. There was a lot of rabble-rabble campaign type replies and very few pieces of meat in there. Continue reading

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