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The Morning Links (10/17/12)

Obama Tweets Photo of Himself with Life-Size Obama Cardboard Cutout

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?
Site of the Day: Breitbart

LL 1885′s Picks:

Mr. Liberty live blogged the Hofstra debate.

Boom!: Mitt Romney banner hung on Willis Tower in CHICAGO
Chart of the day: The Housing Bottom and the Unemployment Rate
Hope and change Poll: 47 Percent Of New Yorkers Are Worse Off Financially Than They Were 4 Years Ago
Pethokoukis: Joblessness data just don’t match up
Obamacare strikes gain: New limits on Flexible Spending Accounts coming Jan. 1
Out of control: EPA Offers New Round of ‘Environmental Justice’ Grants
Green Fail: Clean-energy Obama crony A123 announces debt default; Update: files for bankruptcy
Bailout Insanity: Obama: ‘We Got Back Every Dime’ of Bailout; CBO: Bailout Will Lose $24 Billion
Fast and Furious: First Defendant Sentenced to Less than Five Years in Prison Related: Justice seeks dismissal of Fast & Furious suit
Obama’s DoJ: Holder refuses to answer Congressional inquiry about evidence in scuttled prosecutions of jihadist groups, CAIR, ISNA, ICNA in America’s largest terrorism financing trial Related: Court throws out conviction of bin Laden driver
Another EO: Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions Set Forth in the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 and Additional Sanctions with respect to Iran
Vetting: Despite Obama’s 2008 claims, political relationship with Rev. Wright began as early as 1987

Must Reads Of The Day:

Benghazi-Gate: Falling On Her Sword Edition

Election 2012:

2012 Debate Schedule

Sounds Like Romney Has Run Big Organizations Before. Oh, He Has….
Poll: Romney Opens Large Lead In Rural Swing Counties
Romney hits 50%, leads by 4 in PPP/Daily Kos national poll
Catholic bishops: Biden’s debate remark on contraception mandate not true
Elizabeth Warren’s credit card fundraising problem

Election 2012 Videos

Let’s Talk About Women
Look America In The Eye
Chinese Motors

Foreign Affairs/The Religion of Peace:

Obama Admin Considers ‘October Surprise’ Libya Attack
Great News: Arms to Syrian Rebels Going Mainly to Jihadists
Gitmo war court back in session minus 3 defendants
Video: Israeli Flags Are Now “Incitement” in Dearbornistan
Muslims going after Swiss Airline for CROSS: Swiss Airline Advertising offends Muslims

Wait, what?:

Missed this one on 9/11: Police motorcyclist in presidential motorcade dies after Florida accident
Appeals court: Town can restrict funeral protests Related: WBC idiots fail in NC
FLOTUS DOES HENNY YOUNGMAN: Michelle Obama Says ‘We Are in the Midst of a Huge Recovery’
Homeland Security graduates first Corps of Homeland Youth ( Gee, may the odds be ever in your favor?)
The Last Radicals

The New Tone & New Media:

Rudy Giuliani Asks Soledad O’Brien ‘Am I Debating With the President’s Campaign?’
Bill Maher Heckled by ‘Tonight Show’ Crowd for Saying Conservatives Want to Kill People They Disagree With
O’Reilly Factor Crashes Obama’s Hollywood Fundraiser

Occupy Whatever:

#OWS Occupy Jew-Hatred
Face-off in NYC: Occupy vs Tea Party
Occupy Wal-Mart?

Laugh or Cry – The Videos of the Day:



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