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ICYMI: David Gergen Goes Full SJW In Elon Commencement Speech [Video]

What follows down below is a shameful, disgusting, SJW and politically motivated soapbox moment. This is an event to be celebrating the students, not one man’s idiotic, misinformed and biased personal diatribe.

Stay Classy, Mr. Gergen. I’m not sure who you think you’re kidding. You claim to be a Republican but it’s painfully clear from just Googling your name that you’re the squishy Lindsey Graham kind.

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Alamance Burlington Schools Keep Harrison As Supt. for $245k plus

The Alamance Burlington School district will retain Superintendent William Harrison for two more years. Harrison will be paid $245,000 a year.

Harrison will receive an additional payment of $85,000 coming from ‘private donations’. That sounds sketchy.

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