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LL1885’S ELECTION 2012 THREAD (Rolling Updates)

Welcome to the LL1885 Election 2012 Thread

This post will be updated throughout the day and evening until the election is called. Updates will begin below the fold, but first a few items that will remain static:

I am on Twitter and Facebook all day and evening today as well. Check the top of this blog to get connected with me.
Follow #WatchTheVote on Twitter today. Vigilance, folks.
Here’s the list of when the polls close and where: Election Day polls: closing times

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET VOTED… What the $#@% are you waiting for? Go do it now.

Rolling Updates (newest first):

*Disclaimer *

I am not vouching for or against the accuracy of any links posted here today. We all know what a zoo Election day can be. Read the items and decide for yourself. I will attempt to post updates, corrections and the like as the day progresses. Continue reading

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