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Common Core Commission won’t even consider MN Math, Yet DPI Contracts with WI on ELA – #ASRC

Jeffrey Isenhour was the member of the NC Common Core commission who was most viciously going after Dr. Ted Scheik on the math group’s recommendations.

Isenhour ridiculed, scrutinized and picked at Scheik until Scheik, an elderly gentleman, relented and changed his recommendation’s language. Isenhour then led the charge to vote down the changes that he himself just insisted on.

One of Isenhour’s biggest claims was that North Carolina shouldn’t be adopting a set of standards “wholesale” from another state without thorough vetting.

Let’s deconstruct him a bit, shall we?
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NCDPI Making Changes To Common Core Documents

Last month, NC Department of Public Instruction (DPI) gave a presentation to the Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission (ASRC) on the English language arts portion of the standards.

This month, in the DPI newsletter, it appears updates have been made:

Unpacking Standards For English Language Arts Updated

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NC Governor’s Common Core Commission Pick Swings and Wiffs

Andre Peek wants to talk to experts on Common Core English Language Art.

Will the Governor’s pick start out this ballgame by at least hitting a line drive towards learning the facts? Let’s see — Via News and Observer, emphasis added:

Andre Peek, co-chairman of the new Academic Standards Review Commission, said the body wants to first make sure that it’s familiar with the current Common Core standards before recommending changes to the State Board of Education. He said the commission will review English language arts on Monday and math in November.

Peek said Robin McCoy, director of K-12 curriculum and instruction at the state Department of Public Instruction, will explain the language arts standards to the commission. He said they wanted to hear from people like McCoy who are experts in the subject matter. Continue reading

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Common Core and the Struggle For Stupidity

Begin Rant:
Those engaged in fighting Common Core know how it is destroying the love of reading in our youngest learners. Common Core asks a kid to read a book, comprehend every facet of the book from title and author to extrapolating on story narratives and plots. They then have to write about it – without prompting. Remember these kids are ages 5-8 years old. Common Core attempts to take kids who are concrete thinkers to make them abstract thinkers. It’s developmentally improbable, but Common Core tries anyway with age and developmentally inappropriate standards in K-3. Continue reading

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