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#BENGHAZI: FOIA’s Denied, Ops Team Pulled From Search

It’s just under three weeks ago I updated on the Benghazi case. In that update, we had learned that Nakoula had granted an interview to the Daily Caller, witnesses and survivors were being hidden from Congress and that 400 surface to air missiles that were diverted to Libya were stolen by some ‘very ugly people’.

In the following update, I’ll cover the mainstream media finally denouncing the blame assigned to the YouTube video, the denial of one FOIA and information obtained from another, the pulling out of the investigative team in Benghazi and new meaning assigned to Hillary’s now famous outburt – What difference, at this point, does it make? Possibly a big one if the trail being abandoned leads back to Egypt. Continue reading

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The Morning Links (10/22/12)

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?
Site of the Day: Jammie Wearing Fools
Reminder: Tonight is the final presidential debate.
LL 1885′s Picks:

Report: Unmanned Drone Observed Benghazi Terror Attack, Did Nothing: “They stood and they watched and our people died”
Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens warned the State Department about security problems… the day he was murdered
Was Candy in Cahoots?
Ahead of Election, Obama Stops Releasing ‘Stimulus’ Reports
Grand Rapids NBC: Stimulus Company Workers Playing Cards, Building Docks, Not Making Batteries
Top 10 Examples of Wasteful Federal Spending in 2012
List: The 36 Obama-Funded Green Energy Failures
Obama Washington Wink-Winking like crazy at EPA
Former Obama Econ Adviser Gives Obama A “C” And Incomplete Grades On The Economy

Must Reads Of The Day:

The Friday Focus: Binders vs Benghazi Edition
The Not Optimal Campaign Of Binders, Big Bird and Non-Issues
Instapundit: CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: THE GREAT GAFFE. The rub for Obama comes, ironically enough, out of Romney’…
CNN and The Obama Administration – Weapons of Misdirection

Election 2012:

International monitors at US polling places draw criticism Flashback: Oct. 30, 2008 Press Release “UN Election Observers Requested for U.S. Election”
Pics: Ann Romney walks in breast cancer 5K in Orlando
RNC Trounces DNC in Fundraising as Democrat Party Goes Bankrupt
Zingers fly at Alfred Smith Dinner; Obama supporters not amused by Romney’s humor
Mitt Romney Jokes & One Liners at Al Smith dinner (video)
CHANGE: Chicago Jewish Newspaper Endorses Romney

Romney: ‘My Job Is To Lay Out Positive Vision for the Future, Media’s Job Is To Make Sure No One Finds Out About It’
Dennis Miller opens for Romney
PPP: With D+8 Sample, Romney Down One in Ohio; Leads Obama on Libya Trust
Hey Obama, Your Firewall is On Fire (Update: Keystone Collapse?) Update: Beckel Frets
Romney was Right: Obama’s pension includes Chinese and Cayman investments
Desperate Obama Campaign Borrows $15M from Bank of America
What’s Bill Clinton Talking About? Related: Bill Clinton: Romney’s Argument Is True, Obama Hasn’t Fixed Country Also: Bill Clinton: We’re Not Where We Ought To Be, Middle Class Incomes Are Not Yet Rising
Vandals spray-paint swastikas on Obama campaign office in Conifer; no word still on ‘vehicle of interest’ in OFA office window shooting.
Republicans bracing for ‘October surprise’ as Gloria Allred ‘prepares for Romney revelation’
Colin Small May Have Thrown Out Voter Forms Because He Made A Mistake

Election 2012 Videos

The Obama Plan
Not Fixed
The Choice on Jobs
Bringing People Together
Mitt Romney Campaigns In Leesburg

Foreign Affairs/The Religion of Peace:

White House denies report that US, Iran agreed to hold one-on-one talks about nuclear program
CIA Drone Airstrike Kills AQAP Leader And 8 Of His Fighters In Southern Yemen
‘Perv’ eyed as accomplice in terrorist’s Federal Reserve bomb bid
State Dept granted New York terror plotter student visa
An Assassination in Beirut
New poll: Egyptians turning toward Iran, want nuclear weapons

Wait, what?:

Bay Area Law Enforcement Agencies Test Drones
Obama DOJ: Growth in Violent Crimes Against Whites
2 dead, at least 7 injured in Chicago shootings
Biden: How Many Know Someone Who Served In Iraq And Iran (Reid Raises Hand)
Jesse Jackson Jr. Isn’t Campaigning, But Expenditures Still Being Made
‘2016: Obama’s America’ filmmaker — I am not having an affair
Dinesh D’Souza resigns as college head
Finally, One Chart Libs and Cons Agree On

The New Tone & New Media:

Don’t get mad, get even
FOX News Contributor & HuffPo Loon Escorted From “Hating Breitbart” Premier
Review: Atlas Shrugged Part 2
Lawrence O’Donnell Challenges Mitt Romney’s Son to a Fist Fight
Whoopi Attempts Gotcha On Ann Romney, Wrongly Says Mormonism Forbids Military Service
Senator Claire McCaskill Attacks Dana Loesch at Debate
Tolerance: Obama supporters urge black Romney voters to kill themselves
Kimmel Finds Out Who Won the “First Lady Debate”.

Occupy Whatever:

Occupy Bar Crawls?

Laugh or Cry – The Videos of the Day:


[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mDChywfnHU&feature=em-uploademail-new] Continue reading

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The Morning Links (9/28/12)

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?
Site of the Day: Weasel Zippers and Nice Deb
LL 1885′s Picks:

Amen: Romney touts foreign aid overhaul in appearance at Clinton Global Initiative
Transcript: Romney’s speech to the Clinton Global Initiative
Video: Romney Talks Foreign Aid at Clinton Conference

STFU INFIDELS!: Morsi urges end of Israeli occupation, limits on free speech Related: Clinton to ‘Expand’ Egypt Aid After Embassy Attack
Hillary Clinton finally comes off the narrative: Benghazi Protest Terrorist Attack Was Al-Qaeda
Laws are for the little people…: Sebelius to hit campaign trail again after Hatch Act violation Little people like Republicans: Rivera ran secret campaign, Sternad tells FBI
Media Ignored: Police investigate racist pictures sent to black politician
Vetting: The Legend of Michelle Obama’s Law License And…Barack Obama’s Law License
Headline you won’t see on the MSM: 43% Expect Better Economy if Romney Wins; 34% Say Same of Obama

Must Reads Of The Day:

The Friday Focus: Freedom of Speech in Obama’s America

Related Reading, pay attention to the order:

Instapundit : AHMADINEJAD CALLS FOR “NEW WORLD ORDER” AT UN: The mainstream media is commenting that the Iranian…
CNN’s Piers Morgan: Ahmadinejad is Charming
Ahmadinejad meets with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrahkan
Farrakhan: I’m Friends With Ahmadinejad, Castro, and Gaddafi Because America Is On The Wrong Side Of History
Leaders of Kansas City Muslim group tell Obama adopt Islamic blasphemy laws
Watch: Reporter cuts off Hirsi Ali when exposing credibility of Mohammad video story
Fake Docs Used in Several States to Get Driver’s License (by terrorists) Continue reading

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US Embassy in Cairo quietly deletes its ‘we stand by our condemnation’ tweet; Update: More deleted tweets!

Obama forgave 1 Billion in aid recently to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Obama is buying them U-Boats. Obama has our military doing exercise with theirs IN Egypt. Our Embassies are under attack and this administration is more worried about offending Muslims … Continue reading

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The Morning Links ( 9/11/12)

Daily Fuel Gauge Report: What are Obama’s Policies Costing You Today?
Site of the Day: LL1885’s 9/11 Memorial Playlist & Freedom Tower
LL 1885′s Picks:

It’s 9/11. Never forget.

OBAMANOMICS: 173k New Food Stamp Recipients, 96k New Jobs…. More: The Biggest Shock From This Friday’s Payroll Report (Sorry Men)
Obama’s Jobs Plan: Unemployment Drops to 5.1 Percent—For Government Workers; Lowest Among All Industries
Military exercises for what?: US, Egypt Conducting Joint Military Exercises
Instapundit: HOW’S THAT HOPEY-CHANGEY STUFF WORKIN’ OUT FOR YA? (CONT’D): AP: War-weary US is numbed to drumbeat of troop deaths.
Obama on economy in ’08: “We’re going to keep on trying a bunch of stuff until something works”
Smartest. President. Ever.: Obama’s “Three Proud Words” Are Actually Four Words
Awkward: Joe Biden is photographed with a female biker in his lap
More Awkard:DNC’s Joe Biden Video Features Joe Standing With a Union Criminal

Must Reads Of The Day:

Romney says he won’t cut taxes on wealthy Americans


Asked if he would be willing to “cut a deal” in order to keep the country away from a “fiscal cliff,” Romney indicated it’s “critical to get the country back on track” but did not say how far he would go in working with Democrats.

“There’s nothing wrong with the term compromise, but there is something very wrong with the term abandoning one’s principles,” Romney said. “And I’m going to stand by my principles. And those are I am not going to raise taxes on the American people. Our problem in our country is not that we’re not paying enough taxes. It’s that we’re spending too much money and the economy is not growing as it could and should.”

There are two paths. Read the whole thing. Continue reading

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