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Wake School Board Retreat Looks At Compensation – Sort Of.

The News and Observer has a rather long article up about teacher recruitment. It discusses teacher supplements quite a bit and includes an embedded link to a presentation used at the most recent Wake School Board retreat. This presentation deals … Continue reading

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How DARE Gov. McCrory….

How dare Governor McCrory meet the demand of raising teacher starting pay in NC?
I mean, jeez — who does this guy think he is by actually fulfilling a request that has been harped on by multiple (and some anonymously backed) teacher pay ‘advocacy’ groups? Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Teacher Pay Article

I doubt there is anyone in North Carolina who doesn’t know that teachers are dissatisfied with their pay, yet local media continues to write about it almost daily with a long string of regurgitated statistics, none of which are ever explained, linked to or given context.

Anyway, News and Observer has just such a piece up today, entitled, Teachers’ jobs are getting harder. Miraculously, the lengthy article fails to mention Common Core a single time as contributing to the increase in teacher workload. Amazing. Continue reading

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