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Yes, Trump is a complete @#$%, but…

The following is an opinion piece by Liberty Speaks. 
Hold your applause or boos to the end, please. Continue reading

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FLASHBACK: Is Harrisburg’s Nightmare America’s Future?

Reason TV:


The city of Harrisburg is Ground Zero for America’s municipal debt crisis.

Pennsylvania’s capital city has liabilities estimated at $610 million, which is nearly ten times its annual budget. The city is so deep in the red that last year it attempted to file for bankruptcy. Reckless spending did more than ruin Harrisburg’s balance sheet; it crowded out private industry and distracted from the city’s core functions. Today, Harrisburg is a dangerous, poverty-stricken city, with failing schools and a shrinking population.

Harrisburg’s fiscal nightmare may be a harbinger of things to come for American cities. In the mid-90s, local governments embarked on a spending binge, bringing total municipal debt in the United States to more than $2.8 trillion. Along with Harrisburg, Jefferson County, Alabama, Vallejo, California, and Central Falls, Rhode Island have filed for bankruptcy in the past few years. Several more cities are on the brink of default, largely thanks to taxpayer-financed stadiums, museums, housing, commercial complexes, other misconceived economic development projects, and runaway public sector salaries, pensions, and benefit packages.

Is your hometown the next Harrisburg?

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The Friday Focus


On Wednesday, Obama dragged out government entitlement addict and birth control budgeting failure, Sandra Fluke at a Colorado campaign stop. Obama’s effort to drag this manufactured crisis back into the spotlight to distract yet again from his horrific record was more than I could handle. So, I revolted with a post called, “Who Gives a Fluke? Blog About Obama’s Economy”. Several other bloggers joined me. If I missed someone, ping this post and I’ll add you to the list.

The Lonely Conservative: Obama Trotted Out Sandra Fluke on the Campaign Trail, But the Economy Still Stinks

An Ex-Con’s View added: Is It a Fluke?

Capitalist Preservation chimed in: We Don’t Give A Fluke!!

Nice Deb had the skinny on the Fluke-ites: Sigh: Watch Sadly Vacuous Women Outside the Obama/Fluke Rally Get Interviewed (Video) Continue reading

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Who gives a Fluke? Blog About Obama’s Record.

Enough distractions and manufactured crises. The Obama campaign has been pulling this crap for as long as I can remember. Enough. Let him recycle the failed Sandra Fluke and her creepily pathetic government worship at his stop in Colorado today. I admit, I’ve slapped back at the long list of social crises this administration has set upon the country via their media lapdogs just like every other blogger. Most call them distractions, I call them shiny objects. Not this time. I’m not taking that bait.

I’m invoking the Surber Rule.

Surber Rule: The economy will win the presidency for Republicans in 2012. Republicans should talk about nothing else.

We are not doing just fine. Not by a long shot. Our economy is teetering on the brink of disaster with the taxamageddon around the corner. This President’s answer is – more stimulus. Are you $#%ing kidding me?

Here are a few of the 70 facts Obama would rather you focus on than his manufactured social crises: Continue reading

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Get with this or that, Obama.

Sharp Elbows wins. Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

THE FRIDAY FOCUS Are You Not Entertained? Edition What President Obama wants us to look at, be distracted and otherwise entertained: Why we are not looking for long, are not distracted and are otherwise not entertained:

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