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Lena Dunham And A Tale Of Two “Rapists”

Bear with me here, but this article at Gawker is a spectacular kind of sad comedy gold.

In one paragraph Gawker chastises those who questioned Lena Dunham’s ‘rape’ claim in her ‘autobiography’ by calling them ‘distasteful’ and asserts, “They were wrong”. Oh and by the way, Gawker uses the characterization of said ‘rape’ as a “night of unwanted unprotected sex”. Someone ask Whoopi if that qualifies as “rape-rape”.
The author, J.K. Trotter, then turns around and tells the audience it was actual the son of an NPR host, who is a Democrat, who ‘raped’ her. Trotter then tears a hole in his own piece. He says in one of the summary paragraphs at the end that even that description might be wrong and that Ungar looks to have gone into hiding.

Got that?

Those who pretty much nailed Dunham as a liar were wrong, but Gawker is right because… just because.

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Stokes County: Biggest Teacher Turnover Reason Was Local Supplement

Teacher pay is not just set by the state. Each county controls the supplemental pay rate teachers receive on top of that state rate.

The fights over teacher pay this past year has been to harp on the state rate. No one in the media really even mentioned the supplemental pay. That supplemental pay didn’t fit into the ‘assault on education’ narrative.

They’ve broken ranks in Stokes county:

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Narrative Collapse: Teacher Turnover Declined In Wake County

Remember the big hoopla that teacher turnover in Wake County was just amazingly high? Remember that this narrative was pushed by Moral Monday, Democrats and NC DPI itself?

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