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NC Senators MIA From Historic Drone Filibuster (Updated)

Last night, Senator Rand Paul filibustered the nomination of John Brennan. It’s not the nomination he was trying to block, that much had to be clear to most people. The Senate is Democrat controlled and cloture is likely inevitable although it will be harder with a 60 vote threshold. Instead of blocking, Paul was attempting to open something. That something is awareness that our government, to date, has yet to openly state for the record they oppose the use of drones against our own citizens on our own soil.

What’s more, this President, a man who has received a Nobel Peace Prize, also refuses to renounce the assassination of US Citizens on their own soil by drone. The President has trotted out mouthpieces to run interference, but it is his own inaction that speak volumes.

Perplexing that Rand Paul has to go through this to ask a Nobel Peace Prize winner whether or not he agrees with killing U.S. citizens.

— David Angell (@djangell) March 6, 2013

Perplexing indeed. What adds to this insanity is the lack of support shown to Senator Paul on the floor last night. Whatever you think of Senator Paul, his politics or filibustering, this was a moment in history and the majority of the Senate missed it.

This was a moment where an elected official stood up and for nearly 13 hours assailed the notion that our own government thinks it has the right to kill its own citizens. It was a chance to enter this disturbing argument into the history books. This question needed addressing and not on the talking head cable news circuit where it would likely be mocked, buried or edited. It needed to be more permanent. Senator Paul recognized this and acted. Think long and hard about that. Continue reading

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