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The Compassionate @SenatorHagan Snubs Thatcher Passing

Yesterday the world lost an icon of leadership, hope and a woman with more courage in her pinky finger than most people have in their whole body. Twitter, celebrities, politicians, average citizen, blogs and print media all produced tributes and condolences. (Read: Rest In Peace, Iron Lady)

Well, at least most did. There was an ugly side to yesterday’s news. That’s how the Left rolls, folks. Notably missing from the condolence tweets was Senator Kay Hagan, who is seeking reelection this year in North Carolina. She felt it was more important to promote her Twitter Townhall and congratulate basketball coaches yesterday:

Luckily, Senator Burr made up for it with several tweets and I thanked him:

I checked Senator Hagan’s page, finding it hard to believe she didn’t at least acknowledge Thatcher’s passing, but nothing was in her press releases.

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Wake County GOP 2013 Convention Notables

On March 26th, the Wake County GOP held its annual convention in the Kerr Scott building at the NC State Fairgrounds. Party business, internal elections and other matters were handled between various invited speakers. News of note was that Donna Williams was elected Wake GOP Chair. Watch Williams video pitch for GOP Chair:

Speakers at the convention included former school board superintendent, Tony Tata. Tata is now serving as DOT chief after being tapped on the shoulder by Governor Pat McCrory. Also speaking was Dr. Greg Brannon, the first official challenger to Kay Hagan for her Senate seat in 2014. Dr. Brannon, a Cary OB-GYN, is backed by various NC Tea Party groups. Given Dr. Brannon’s work with the grassroots group Founders’ Truth, paired with his limited government ideas, it is easy to see why he is attractive to the Tea Party. (Read More: #Senate2014: Kay Hagan Gets A Challenger In NC)

Here is Dr. Brannon’s speech to the Wake GOP:


“We understand what the problem is. The problem is, that people are telling us, that the collective is superior to the individual. We know our Founders fought and died for individuals over the collective.”
You can learn more about Dr. Brannon at GregBrannon.com, on Facebook, YouTube or connect with him on Twitter.

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