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#DemsInPhilly Go Nuts For NC’s Vitriolic Barber

North Carolina NAACP President, Reverend Barber, made quite a splash at the Democratic National Convention last night.

Along with the Reverend’s usually cries of ‘racism everywhere’, he offered more of the usual hyperbolic rhetoric North Carolinians have come to expect. Lumbering onto the stage, Barber set to taunting evangelicals, spouting ‘truths such as, “Jesus was a brown-skinned Palestinian Jew.”.

Barber then went on to describe the usual liberal wish list, including favorites like universal healthcare, ‘immigrant rights’, LGBTQ rights, the Voting Rights Act and Barber stated, “we fight for $15 and a union”.

As Barber spoke, he began to shout and thump on the podium in the name of the ‘common good’.

Here’s the full speech: Continue reading

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#DNCLeaks: NYC Gay Power Couple Hosts Fundraiser for NC’s Roy Cooper

As previously reported by this site, North Carolina’s Attorney General and Gubernatorial candidate, Roy Cooper, was mentioned in the Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails leaked by WikiLeaks.

In the previously reported emails, several DNC officials, who also provide event coordination via various companies for Democrat events, helped facilitate a meeting between Goldman Sachs employees and a top Obama Super PAC contributor.

Roy Cooper’s name appears a second time in the leaked DNC emails. This time it is a fundraiser event hosted by a gay power couple in New York City. Continue reading

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#DNCLeaks: Roy Cooper, Goldman Sachs and Big Donors

WikiLeak’s DNC email leaks have a North Carolina connection. Attorney General and Democrat candidate for Governor, Roy Cooper, is mentioned in several of the leaked DNC emails.

One such email is about a meeting Cooper allegedly was setting up with unnamed Goldman Sachs officials. The email in question was sent from Will Little (William E. Little, Jr.) of George Little Management Company to Joshua Block, Financial Advisor at Goldman Sach. Continue reading

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