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The DNC 2012 Intifada

Of all the conventions I have watched over the years, I never have witnessed such open anti-Semitism, racism, and bigoted rhetoric as I have during the DNC in Charlotte this year. I’m beyond appalled and don’t even recognize the party of which I was a member of for over 10 years. I watched half of the party (really more than half judging by the loudness of the Nay’s) informally begin their own Intifada. I’m horrified.


The vote on the floor regarding Jerusalem was seriously disturbing – three times over disturbing. Wake up, Jewish voters. This party is visibly divided on Israel. While the vote was upsetting, so are these stories:

Ellison reacts to Jerusalem reference in party platform
DNC Delegate Member Of “Anti-Zionist” PAC Whose Platform States “The Official Story Of 9/11 Is Not True”
Obama Regime Again Refuses To Name Capital of Israel

It’s worth noting the official preferences of the DNC:

Radical Islam Joins the DNC
DNC’s Islamic prayer leader keynoted “Jihad Summer Camp” — two weeks before 9/11
U.S. Muslim Leader Wears Tattered American Flag As Scarf At DNC “Jumah” Prayer Event

How much more plainly spelled out to people have to have it made for them? This administration clearly despises Israel and Obama’s foreign policy has been one consistently aiding nations with desires bring Israel down. WAKE UP.

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