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Occupy The Democrat National Convention – Part 2

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte is rapidly approaching. I posted recently about the winners of the protest lottery that the city of Charlotte set up in an effort to keep some law and order. The list of the winners was announced and the usual suspects were on it – Occupy, Socialist outfits and pro-pot groups. There were also some individuals listed. It was these solo name that caught my curiosity, so I dug. Here is what I came up with: Continue reading

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Occupy The Democrat National Convention

The Democratic National Convention in Charlotte is fast approaching. The occupods have applied and NC’s Occupy NCSU has won a spot. Charlotte has set up a specific route, place and time slot allotment for the protesters to use their First Amendment rights. Charlotte doesn’t want to see it turn into Seattle or Chicago. The city earlier this year set up an ordinance specifically aimed at curtailing protests like Occupy from happening. Minutes from the Charlotte City Council on it are here. Personally, I think they’re fooling themselves. Continue reading

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