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The Friday Focus



The Godless Anti-Semitic Party of Tax Payer Funded Abortion Edition

This Democratic National Convention was downright depressing, if not outright horrifying. The speeches were flat, the messages were 1984-esque and the ugly under belly of the Democratic Party was exposed for all the world to see – unless you were watching MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or CNN. Perhaps that last part was both the rock bottom and the turning point of this election since voters across the country saw the holier than thou mask of the Democrats fall on live television.

I think a summary of the feel of this convention would be ‘Demoralized as Hell’, as DaTechGuy would say. The Breitbart headline is also apropo: Obama, 2008: ‘Yes, We Can!’ Clinton, 2012: ‘No One Could Have’.

Back at CPAC, Andrew Breitbart said this election is the choice between two paths. I’ve been reminding people of that statement often (here and here for example). I’ve seen that same theme show up in both Conventions. Last night President Obama said in his speech, “It will be a choice between two different paths for America.” (Related: Romney responds before Obama finishes speech)

Yep. One way is Obama’s way, which boils down to bigger government, more entitlements, less freedom with more government intrusion in our lives, more deception and lies and not just a promise of even bigger debt, but a FACT of bigger debt. His way is Occupy, but in suit. Sounds awesome… yeah, even Occupy says no thanks. (Related: Occupy DNC ends in flames )

The Speech

Obama’s speech reflected the tone of the convention: miserable.

Transcript and video of Obama’s speech are here. It was flat, full of demagoguery and the same promises we’ve heard over and over, more empty platitudes, a lot of class warfare, blame assignment and of course, he needs more time. It was not inspiring in any way, save motivating one to vote him out. I felt rather patronized at times listening to him.

A lot of people we underwhelmed by Obama’s speech. Maybe that’s because it could have been any other speech he’s given in the last 4 years.

Links on Obama’s Speech:

OBA-MEH: Krauthammer Pans Obama’s Speech: “He Gave One of the Emptiest Speeches I’ve Ever Heard…(more at link)
Composite acceptance speech
Althouse: Live-blogging Day 3 of the Democratic convention.

My own musings from this convention: Continue reading

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Slick Willy

A lot of people are talking about how clever it is, but I think they underestimate just how clever. Even Krauthammer says it was “a gaint swing and a miss”. Yes, on purpose. Dick Morris thinks Clinton was playing good lawyer to a guilty client:

In his obvious inability to win the argument, Clinton showed us how weak it is. As he recited his statistics, we came to understand how hollow they are. Is this all he can say about Obama’s record we all asked?

That was the whole point.

I predicted that either Party Line Towing Clinton would show up or Rogue Billy would show up. I was right. We got both. Clinton ad libbed a lot of his speech and I believe that was on purpose to get around those who had previewed his remarks. I think some of his enthusiasm was real — when talking about his own accomplishments. His speech ran so long mainly because polishing his ego in a speech takes slightly longer than Obama’s.

Here’s what I think happened: He got up there and set Obama up by lying a little more convincingly than than Team Obama has. He did so because he knows Obama has to go and his party has to focus on keeping the Senate. Clinton is one of the most talented lying liars there is and they don’t call him Slick Willy for nothing. Continue reading

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You see, at the end of the day, my most important title is still “mom-in-chief.” – Michelle Obama, DNC Speech 2012

Mom-in-chief? NANNY-in-Chief is more like it, or possibly Secretary of Busy Bodies, Director of Meddling or Commander-in-Boob Belts.

But I digress already… sigh.

Let me start out by saying I did not watch it live. I refused to waste my time last night when reading to my kids and catching up on sleep were the better options. I caught parts of it and read the transcript this morning. Her speech summed up in a word: MEH. It was too long, her sincerity was laughable – the inflections sounding just like any other stump speech she has given. It was trite and packed with the most gag inducing lies. The best part of it was her dress, for once. Continue reading

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Occupy The DNC: Secret Service To Erect Barriers

It’s not enough to have a lottery, designated march route and scheduled stage speaking times two blocks away. We need barriers. Big ones. Not really surprised, just amused at the timing of the story on the heels of the protest … Continue reading

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