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NC State Senator Questions #APUSH

North Carolina State Senator Jerry Tillman is questioning the new AP U.S. History (APUSH) framework. (See Tillman’s Newsletter snippet below the fold.)

scG-coleman-unqualifiedHe is wise to do so. APUSH went from a 5 page framework to a 95 page one, which largely marginalizes early U.S. History in favor of a Leftist Global view and includes the theme that America is not exceptional. This new framework totally undermines the teaching of U.S. History both nationwide and in North Carolina. This new framework is led by Common Core architect, David Coleman.

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Have You Heard Of APUSH?

Have you heard of APUSH?

APUSH stands for Advanced Placement United States History.

Many may recall having taken AP History, AP English or others when they were in High School. The AP courses have been around for decades, yet now are being changed in a radical manner.

The changes to APUSH are being handed down by Common Core Architect, David Coleman. scG-coleman-unqualifiedYes, the same David Coleman who was part of the collection of ‘unqualified’ people to write and develop education standards.


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Common Core Architect Coleman’s Apoloattack

Politico has a little snippet up about David Coleman. In it Coleman is caught repeating the new talking point: Don’t attack the critics.

Coleman then turns around and attacks the critics in the last section of the Politico snippet while seemingly supporting their concerns. Amazing. Yeah, those data concerns… totally loony?

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Relevant portion of the Politico piece: Continue reading

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