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WRAL Misses Mark on Dark Money Group Fundraiser

Talk about missing the mark. What WRAL gave readers was a sanitized, 30,000-foot view of the dark money group, barely mentioning in passing that Moving NC Forward is a 501(c)4 organization and as such, does not have to disclose its donors. Continue reading

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Non-Profit NC CRED Has Ties to Dark Money, Cooper Ethics Complaint

After an analysis of NC CRED’s affiliations and dealings, American Lens has discovered questionable dark money ties and a connection to the NC Advocates for Justice PAC, which is named in a campaign finance ethics complaint filed against Governor Roy Cooper. Continue reading

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MoMo Using ‘Youth Initiative’ Again – #NCpol #BlueprintNC

Despite a recent defeat in court, Moral Monday (MoMo) seems to be stuck on the same ‘voting rights’ tune and plan to use their ‘youth initiative’ to promote their cause.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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#DM7 Article: Dark Money On The Left Targets North Carolina

This is a repost of my weekly Da Tech Guy Column: Dark Money On The Left Targets North Carolina Continue reading

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Kay and Harry’s #DarkMoney Hypocrisy

Harry Reid has spent a considerable amount of time railing about the Koch Brothers on the Senate Floor. Reid showed his Constitutional ignorance in proposing a Constitutional Amendment against the Koch Brothers. Hi, Bill of Attainder ring a bell, Harry? My lord, you are so obsessed.
Meanwhile, his billionaire pal Tom Steyer is pumping millions into Reids’ SuperPAC and into Kay Hagan’s campaign. Face it, Harry… Steyer owns you.

According to Hagan and Reid, Dark Money is evil. Unless it’s their dark money.
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