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NC Joins States Filing ‘Convention of States’ Bills

North Carolina has joined multiple states in filing a ‘Convention of States’ bill House Bill 321 was filed on 3/19/15 and is short and to the point. Sponsors of the bill include Jones, Millis, Riddell, Pendleton, Cleveland, Conrad, Hurley and Whitmire.

The purpose of calling a convention of states is for the purpose of amending the Constitution with the purpose of empowering the citizenry and local legislators.
See: Get Your Liberty On: Convention of States

Text of HB 321: Continue reading

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Convention of States Tour – 2015 NC Schedule

The Convention of States (CoS) tour schedule for North Carolina is now available. For those unfamiliar with CoS, you can read my previous article on it. Michael Westrich of CoS summarized what CoS is about quite nicely:
“Citizens for Self-Governance (CSG) recently launched the Convention of States (COS) Project with the expressed purpose of urging and empowering state legislators to call a Convention of States. Under the COS Project plan, this convention would be called “for the purpose of limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.” Only amendments that fall under this category would be germane and up for debate.“

Downloadable CoS 2015 NC schedule

These scheduled stops are free and open to the public:


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Get Your Liberty On: Convention of States

What is the recourse available to the states and citizenry when the United States federal government has grown out of control? How do the people rein it in?

A Convention of States. Continue reading

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