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Oceania Rejects Ministry of Truth

Anderson Cooper decided to do his job on Friday (probably because CNN was about to be thrown under the bus by the White House) and announced CNN had obtained Ambassador Stevens journal from the burned out Consulate in Libya. Cooper also admitted CNN used it for reporting purposes, after telling the family they would not, 4 days later.

On Saturday the 22nd, CNN released its version of events on how they came by the journal. The report is short and does not mention exactly who the journal was turned over to, but instead only mentions a ‘third party’. The Saturday CNN journal report also repeats the lie that the Consulate was attacked in relation to anti-islam movie protests in the region. The entire thing is a cover your ass type move.

Let’s timeline this a bit: Continue reading

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Flashback to CNN’s New Years Eve 2011

Kathy Griffin – on the D list for a reason. Most of us figured as much, but Kathy was slow on the uptake as usual. Looks like her crush on Anderson is going to be as successful as her career. Continue reading

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CNN Republican Arizona Debate (2/22/12)

THE CNN REPUBLICAN ARIZONA DEBATE RUNDOWN Transcripts are here. Full Video is to be added when available. The Lady’s Take: I didn’t watch it live. Do I win something for that? What I did watch did not impress me. I’m … Continue reading

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9/12 GOP Tea Party Debate Rundown

9/12 GOP Tea Party Debate on CNN For various reasons I was unable to watch most of the Debate, therefore my commentary will be limited in this run down. From what I did see and what I read, it was … Continue reading

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