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NCSPIN: Fitzsimon Doesn’t Get Why McCrory Would Stand Up For NC Children

From the, “OMG …REALLY?” Files:

Just when you think Fitzsimon can’t get any more obtuse & partisan… https://t.co/OIOa4Kgbup BECAUSE THIS ISSUE WILL COME HERE, CHRIS.

— A.P. Dillon – LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) December 16, 2015

The video link in the tweet is to an NC SPIN clip titled, “Why is Gov. McCrory involved in a Virginia transgender court case?”.

So what transgender case is blinkin’ Chris being obtuse about?

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NCSPIN: Fitzsimon thinks college should be free… because NC Constitution.

On the latest edition of NCSPIN, the topic of the loud and ridiculous protesters interrupting an event at UNC was brought up.

During the conversation, Chris Fitzsimon says that he thinks college tuition should be ‘free’.
Yeah, mm Ok. Nothing is free.
Also, the panel talked about the Common Core review commission and viewers were treated to the same attack script that we’ve seen with local media outlets on the topic. Continue reading

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A Free Press Is Essential To Liberty

Without argument, a free press is essential to maintaining liberty and democracy. It’s so important, it is included in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.
A free press should also be a transparent and honest press.

Yesterday, a Policy Watch reporter was escorted out of the annual NCBCE meeting. An invitation went out, citing ‘credentialed’ press only.

Local media, News and Observer, reported on the turn of events, however, had a few glaring omissions in their article.

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