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Dear Adam M. Smith – Video is Forever. (Updated – Jackwagon got fired)

The hypocrisy and hate of the Left knows no bounds. Adam Smith decided to take his hate out on an unsuspecting worker at the Chik-Fil-A Drive through and, brilliantly, decided to film the exchange. Smith removed the video from his channel when the backlash started to hit, but not before a number of people had downloaded it.

Video, like screenshots, are forever. Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: 3 Dead, 13 YO wounded

The Death Toll In Chicago Is Now 275.
Three more are dead…but by all means, let’s talk about blocking a Chicken restaurant from opening in Chicago because Rahm Emanuel and other useful idiots (and racist) are intolerant Christian values; they aren’t “Chicago Values”. What exactly are “Chicago Values”? Tell me more about the Alderman’s “Chicago Values” and his plans to blackmail Chik-Fil-A? Do those “Chicago Values include teaming up with that homophobic and antisemitic Farrakhan? Flashback: Farrakhan responds to President Obama endorsing gay marriage. (Image) Continue reading

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Chik-Fil-A getting the Komen-Augusta-Boy Scouts Treatment

Chik-Fil-A is known for being a Christian values based company. This may be news to anyone who didn’t already figure that out after noticing they are always closed on Sundays.

The attacks on Chik-Fil-A go back well over a year or two. The recent militant calls for boycotting them or pulling products from them over the chain’sopposition to gay marriage have renewed the controversy. These tactics are not unlike what we say the Left engage in over Komen pulling some funding for Planned Parenthood, the outrage that Augusta National was an all men’s golf club and the recent attacks on the Boy Scouts of America having a policy that restricts gays from being members. These are all privately run organizations with voluntary membership or participation. They have every right to operate as they see fit. People have every right to disagree with these policies and positions. Continue reading

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