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Chicago Warzone Update: 5 Dead, 23 Wounded

Wonder what movies they are watching in Chicago these days.

Chicago Sun Times:

Five men were killed and at least 23 people were wounded in gun violence in the city from Friday night to Sunday.

The fatal shootings include one man who was fatally shot and two others who were wounded by police in two separate incidents this weekend…. Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: 4 shot in 10 Minutes; 2 Dead with 7 Wounded

The Chicago Sun Times Reports:

Four people shot in 10 minutes on the South Side; one killed

Two men are dead and seven others – including three 14-year-old boys – were wounded Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: Day By Day (Updated)

Violence is still out of control in Chicago. McCarthy blames pilgrims and can’t get a handle on it and Emanuel just makes mafia style threats to the perpetrators in interviews.

Chicago Tribune:

So far this month, the number of homicides has surpassed an average of one per day.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy found some consolation in that statistic on Saturday.

“The fact is, we’re doing better than we were doing before,” McCarthy said, after a press conference highlighting a citywide youth anti-violence campaign that recently ended.

Through noon Saturday, there were 10 homicides for the month in Chicago — including two gun-related deaths shortly before McCarthy’s press conference, according to reports. There were 15 homicides through Sept. 8 last year, Chicago police statistics show.

“Now, that’s a very short time-frame, but it’s still relevant,” McCarthy said, explaining that fighting violent crime is a “day-by-day” effort. “Every day matters, every second matters. So we have to put that in context.”

Only 10 homicides this month… “We have to put that in context.” Tell that to the 11 year old girl shot along with 4 others this month. Tell that to Mohammed Kebbeh’s family. Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: No End In Sight

I’ve been giving updates on the mounting death toll in Chicago for months now. Not a lot of attention has been given to the deaths and injured there and that is to be expected — it’s Chicago, after all, home of The Won and Mayor Penguin hasn’t been able to get control of Gotham.

Here are the headlines from local Chicago news that the main stream media would like you to ignore:

9 hurt in shootings across the city

Officer, 15-year-old boy wounded in shoot-out

Teen shot dead in front of mom at South Side laundromat

7 wounded in shootings, including 2 near United Center and 1 downtown

Related Links: Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: I don’t even know where to start

These are the headlines out of Chicago over this weekend:

Cops: More than 20 youth arrested for Gold Coast disturbances

1 dead, 7 wounded in shootings across the city

19 people shot in overnight shootings across Chicago

Chicago Shootings: 4 Killed, 13 Wounded By Gun Violence Overnight Saturday Citywide

13 shot in 30 minutes in rising Chicago violence Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: Adjusting the Death Toll

Over the last few months, I’ve been tracking the deaths in Chicago based off an interactive map which no longer exists but was located here:

Chicago homicides map – chicagotribune.com

The new map with new numbers has replaced it. My own additions to the total of deaths were based off the original and now defunct map. Apparently, I am off by 60 deaths according to a recent story published by ABC 7 Chicago: Continue reading

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Chicago Warzone Update: 6 Dead, 30 Wounded in Weekend Violence

The Death Toll In Chicago Is 286

Between Friday and Sunday morning, 6 people were killed and 30 wounded as the violence continues in the Chicago streets according to the Chicago Sun -Times. Most of the wounded were in their teens and early 20’s.

The list of the dead:

Richard Johnson – 22

Derrick Baker – 18

Jason Smith – 28

Taylor Diorio – 17

Alonzo Powell – 18

Anthony Carter – 36

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his sketchy Police Chief, Garry McCarthy, have proven themselves inept in handling the violence in Chicago. Emanuel would rather quibble about chicken sandwich shops, defend Obama’s response to the violence and chat with dangerous racist, anti-Semite homophobes like Farrakhan.

The Feds are now moving in to quell the violence. Continue reading

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