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CMS Middle School Distributes Sales Tax Referendum And Voting Info Flyers At Open House

A middle school in the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system distributed two flyers to parents this past week. One was an informational flyer on a sales tax referendum for the county, the other was information on voting. Several parents reached out to me and sent me copies of the flyers. See the flyers here.

These are the same flyers that were objected to by County Commissioner Bill James that this constituted political activism by the school. I covered that story and I agree with that assessment. These flyers, whether created by an outside entity or not, were distributed by official channels and in many cases on school property. That’s using tax dollars for political advocacy purposes. Continue reading

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More Activism In NC Schools

More fliers and activism in North Carolina schools. This time it’s not an NCAE/Organize2020 protest flier that went home in the backpacks of our children. This time it is Charlotte Mecklenburg schools and a slanted flier about a proposed sales tax hike. Charlotte Observer has a write up here, which of course doesn’t ask questions about the validity of the content of the flier.

“CMS spokeswoman Kathryn Block told the Observer the document “was developed as an informational document only.”
– Charlotte Observer

Really? Who developed it and why is the informational document not providing where you drew your information from?

WBT-TV news story about illicit and inaccurate @charMeckSchools flyer passed out at South Meck football game by CMS. http://t.co/N5H88PpqeX

— Bill James (@meckcommish) August 31, 2014

Char-Meck tweeted out to their over 15,000 followers this two-page flier.

Here’s more information about voting and how funds from the sales tax referendum, if approved, could be spent by CMS. http://t.co/CLIB2r0dwl

— CMS (@CharMeckSchools) August 30, 2014

While the intent to promote the school’s best interests is clear, what is also clear is the bias.

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CMS Received 200k From Gates For “Strategic Plan”

Apparently, Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools (CMS) received a pile of money from Bill Gates for a “strategic plan” on personalization in the classroom. $200,000 to be exact. That’s a drop in the bucket though. CMS has received $4,403,910 from the Gates foundation to date.

All that ‘one size fits all’ and ‘everyone goes at the same pace’ of Common Core not working out for you Mr. Gates? No, it’s working out just fine, but it needs to be marketed and packaged differently so we need a “strategic plan” to sell it to parents. That’s what this is folks — a new sales pitch of the same old crap.

CMS’s strategic plan is more of the same 21st Century skills propaganda and looks oddly similar to Wake County’s new “strategic plan” right down to that ‘community input’. CMS got Gates to foot the bill for their plan, whereas in Wake county it cost the taxpayer $7k for a website, $7k for a “futurist” to come flap his gums and $45K for company to conduct a survey. Those are just the costs we know about.

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Olde Providence Elem. Questionable Signage Continues

Earlier in May, a couple of parents wrote to me from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. They send me images of the sign out in front of their children’s elementary school. The sign was a message about the ranking of NC in the area of teacher pay (image to the left). There were also fliers distributed that went home with the students. Read: Teacher Pay Flier, Signage At A CMS Elementary

The school was Olde Providence Elementary and it has happened again. Another teacher complaint on their main school entry sign and another set of fliers. Nice color printed fliers at that. Continue reading

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Olde Providence Elementary’s Activist PTA

Yesterday I reported on Olde Providence Elementary using their school’s front display sign to push teacher pay as well as sending home letters with students there on the topic calling for ‘action’ by parents.

Today, I have a follow-up. No, the Principal has not returned my request for comment. Another parent has forwarded me an email from the Olde Providence PTA which further pushes parents to act on teacher pay. The letter includes links to legislator emails and a template. This email came from the President of the Olde Providence PTA, Mitzi Lynch. Continue reading

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Teacher Pay Flier, Signage At A CMS Elementary

Yesterday, two photos were sent to me regarding Olde Providence Elementary school in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district. These photos had to do with the state of teacher pay in North Carolina and the use of Olde Providence school’s main front sign and a flier sent home with students. More activism involving our kids? It would seem so. Continue reading

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