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Silent Sam UNC Chapel Hill Protest Nets 3 Arrests

A protest regarding the Silent Sam monument on the UNC Chapel Hill campus netted three arrests of protesters last Tuesday evening.

Protesters stayed for several hours afterwards, however two rows of barricades kept them from approaching the Silent Sam statue. By morning only a handful of protesters remained. Continue reading

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Where In The World Is June Atkinson?

State budget negotiations that include items dealing with NC education are looming. Bill Gates’s Common Core taking heavy fire. Two bills in the NC General Assembly to replace Common Core. Teachers protesting about their pay, upset with working conditions, struggling with the … Continue reading

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Islamophobe? Nope. Truth-o-phile.

I am not a bigot, racist, anti-Semite, Islamophobe (the new term Libs are adopting for those of us who dare to be appalled at the GZ Victory mosque/Cordoba Initiative) or any other such term with discriminatory tones. I do not … Continue reading

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Imam Rauf: Al Taqiyya Expert

Imam Faisal Rauf spoke on the UNC campus in Chapel Hill, North Carolina this past Wednesday evening.  His speech or talk was titled “American Citizenship: What the Ground Zero Mosque Means to Americans”.  This is the full title of the … Continue reading

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REMINDER: 9/11 Vigil in Chapel Hill NC – March 16th

The Ground Zero Victory Mosque Imam is speaking in Chapel Hill on March 16th. This is the same Imam who days after 9/11 said that America had more blood on its hands than Islam did. The same Imam who warned … Continue reading

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Action Alert: Chapel Hill NC

Patriots in the Triangle area and beyond in NC: The Iman Rauf is giving a talk in Chapel Hill, NC on March 16th.  This is the man behind the Ground Zero Victory Mosque project in NYC. A counter-vigil is being … Continue reading

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