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Mom Pushes Back Against Common Core Style Math In Canada And Wins.

Our neighbors to the North of us have noticed their math scores declining. What is part of Canada doing about it? National one-size-fits all overly convoluted math to the rescue? NOPE. Pretty much the opposite. They are teaching… wait for it… MATH FACTS and the nuts and bolts like algorithms and multiplication tables. Actually, Canada is putting that type of teaching back in.

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Occupy Reboot or Hijack Attempt?: #IdleNoMore

Occupy has effectively crashed and burned. They’ve worn out their welcome in city after city across the globe with their miscreant behavior, never ending list of causes and general idiocy. While Occupy fizzled out, Unions have stolen their mojo and are attempting to take Occupy legit via social justice non-profits outfits (I’m calling this Occupy 2.0), Occupy needed a reboot. So, what’s an anarchist to do? No tents to put up, no mace to dodge, no businesses to smash up. Off to plot for the next WTO meeting right?

Nah. Occupy needs reform! Regrouping! Legitimization… they need Roots….
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The Morning Links (3/15/12)

Pic of the Day: Taken Within Walking Distance of the White House
Thanks Barack: 80% of Americans Say They Are Not Better Off Today Than 4 Years Ago
Energy Costs will necessarily skyrocket: Obama passes $3.81/gal gas en route to NCAA game Continue reading

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