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Reagan Rule? Shut Your Dirty Alinsky Mouth.

Uh…Oh, HELL NO. Did you feel that? It was Reagan turning over in his grave. Is there no end to this President invoking Ronald Reagan to suit his ends? There are no similarities between the two… zero, zip, nada! Reagan wouldn’t have crossed the road to spit on the Buffett rule, much less allow something like it to be named after him. I can’t decide if this is pure arrogance or sheer desperate stupidity. Why choose? It’s both. Continue reading

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NY Times Goes Full Socialist

NY Times is going whole hog on the “Fairness” talking point. I need a shower and an industrial loofah after reading this piece of drivel in the NY Times. For such a short article, they managed to work in Fair/Fairness about 4 times and repeat the $250k threshold canard:

“The $250,000 threshold is not only fair, it is essential for raising substantial and much-needed revenue.” Continue reading

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SOTU III: Propellerheads Edition

SOTU III: A little bit of History repeating An apt introduction from the Propellerheads for my rundown on the State of the Union (SOTU) last night. More of the same. In fact, a lot of the same. I don’t wonder … Continue reading

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Hey Buffett – You first.

Please stop your condescending, transparent gimmicks and just pay your outstanding taxes. You look like an ass. If you want to pay more be our guest, but stop shoveling that crap about the wealthy do not pay enough and should pay more. Continue reading

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