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Soros Funded NC Non-Profits Violating IRS Laws – #CharlotteUprising

This past weekend, a website called “Charlotte Uprising” was created, which has a list of protester demands similar to what has been seen in other city occupations of Black Lives Matter.

The Charlotte Uprising website is attempting to raise money for bail and ‘supplies’ through another North Carolina based organization known as the Durham Solidarity Center.

According to the Durham Solidarity Center website they, “oppose any state repression of dissent, including surveillance, infiltration, disruption, and violence. We agree not to assist law enforcement actions against activists and others.”

The Durham Solidarity Center is funded by yet another organization known as “Action For Community In Raleigh” or ACRe for short. Both organizations are non-profits. Continue reading

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Durham School Board Member and Black Lives Matter Activist Resigns

As previously reported by this site, the Durham county school board was considering changing their meeting attendance policies in order to accommodate members choosing to engage in activist events over board meetings.

One member in particular, Sendolo Diaminah, had missed 9 of the last 16 meetings. Sendolo was elected in 2014 and claimed at the time he was running because he wanted to ‘represent the community’.

Diaminah, who self describes as a “black, queer communist”, was apparently not representing the community as a member of the board, but instead was too busy traveling and being involved in Black Lives Matter protests.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Durham School Board Considers Changes to Meeting Policies to Accommodate BLM Activist

The Durham county school board has apparently considered changing its meeting attendance policies in order to accommodate members choosing to engage in activist events over board meetings.
The Center for Digital Ed’s report reiterated Wake County School Board ‘making history’ with the “remote participation in board meetings”. The Center for Digital Ed’s article continued, noting that the Durham school board also had members who participate in meetings remotely, but “they do so without the benefit of such a board policy.” and that “Durham board members utilize the state’s Open Meetings Law,”.

One of the main reasons Durham appears to be considering official policy changes with regards to meetings is over the lack of attendance by member Sendolo Diaminah. Continue reading

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BLM, Far Left Organizations Protest Durham Police [Storify]

View my lastest Storify Article: BLM, Far Left Organizations Protest Durham Police Continue reading

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About That Police Involved Shooting In Raleigh… 8 Arrests in 2015 Alone

There was a police involved shooting this week in Raleigh that ended in the death of a suspect.

The man was arrested at least 8 times in 2015 alone, once for concealed weapons charges and most charges were related to drugs like Cocaine.

The Round Rev and Black Lives Matter protests will start in 3…2…1… Continue reading

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Professional Agitators to Descend on Durham on January 1st – #ncpol

A Black Lives Matter protest will happen in Durham this Friday, January 1st at 6 pm at CCB plaza according to an event posting on Facebook. The main host/creator of the event is Desmera Gatewood, whose Facebook profile lists her as … Continue reading

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More Protests At Durham Area Mall

Another round of protests at Streets at Southpoint in Durham this past Tuesday according to WNCN:

“at 8:45 p.m., Twitter user @ExodusReign tweeted, “How we dodged the police tonight was brilliant #ShutItDown #durham”

Wait, what?
Dodging police? I thought their beef was with police.

#durham #BlackLivesMatter protesters started at American Tobacco Campus around 7…but then headed to Southpoint.

— Derick Waller WNCN (@derickwallerTV) December 24, 2014

This is the kind of dumb that went on and got dumber as it was tweeted:

Continue reading

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