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Challengers only flip one seat in Wake County School Board races

Only one of the multiple challengers running for Wake County School Board managed to beat the well-funded progressive incumbents they faced this election cycle.

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#WCPSS Updates: Enrollment wanes, EdCamp Equity, Board member lie caught on camera, Green Hope fights to keep Dance

WCPSS Updates this time include Enrollment waning, EdCamp Equity highlights, a board member lie caught on camera and Green Hope fights to keep Dance classes. Continue reading

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What They’re Saying About Education In NC (7/24/15) #NCED

Yes, I’m still on blog vacation, however I have an update on some NC Education issues and an update HB13 (Health assessments).

I’d like to take a moment and apologize if I upset the apple cart with my article the other day. I was particularly hard on Senator Soucek — Sorry about that, but being the voice for ‘we the people’ at times means I have to play bad cop.

Having said that, I might have to play worse cop now, again given what I see restored in HB 13 today. Continue reading

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News and Observer Mentions LadyLiberty1885 Blog on Common Core

The N&O’s education section mentioned the efforts of this blog to kill Common Core dead at the end of an article where Wake School Board member Bill Fletcher was yet again using the ‘politicizing’ strategy to attack opposition and one of the bills repealing Common Core. It also included this quote from another board member, Jim Martin:

“Much of the Common Core is what classic good teaching has been,” school board member Jim Martin said at Monday’s government relations committee meeting. “It’s very much a political overreach. It’s not clear that the folks writing this legislation know what curriculum are.

What a load of crap.
First, Mr. Martin — Common Core, as we’ve been told a million times by supporters like you, is a set of standards and not a curriculum. Are you now insinuating Common Core is a method of teaching? Do the Chamber of Commerce, CCSSO, NGA and Bill Gates know you just went off the biggest talking point?

Second, if you happened to pay attention to the findings of the NC General Assembly’s Common Core LRC, you’d know they are well aware of what a standard is and what curriculum is.

Third, good teaching comes from good teachers regardless of a set of standards. The ability for the teacher to adapt a good curriculum around any given student is what makes for classic good teaching. Common Core does not allow for that kind of personalization and customization. To say it does is a bald-faced lie. By the way, the notion of ‘standards’ is relatively new. The use of standards to adhere to, which requires then to teach to the related test, arguably correlates with the decline in scores over the last few decades.

Join The Conversation.
School board elections often come down to a few dozen votes. The Wake School Board would do well to remember that they have a less than stellar record and that the Chamber doesn’t vote for you, citizens do. I left a comment on the N&O article (below), which I think says it all at this point regarding Mr. Fletcher — and Ms. Kushner or any other Wake School Board member who seems to think it’s a smart move to insult the citizens who vote you in.
Thank you for the mention.

I’m quite appalled at Mr. Fletcher’s politicizing commentary and have called him out on this before.
Twice in fact: http://wp.me/p14vwx-2BI and http://wp.me/p14vwx-2BS

Does Mr. Fletcher think this bill came about by magic and by legislators alone? No, countless letters, phone calls and complaints from moms, dads, grandparents, students and teachers brought about the need for this bill. Apparently Mr. Fletcher has no clue that citizens testified in front of the NCGA’s Common Core Legislative Research Committee and that of the 60 who spoke, 40 spoke in opposition to Common Core. They presented fact based, valid complaints. What Mr. Fletcher has presented is that he is very easily pressured by the Chamber of Commerce and has not done an iota of homework on his own about the standards.

Mr. Fletcher and Ms. Kushner’s strategy of insulting and attacking the voting public who have valid concerns about Common Core is as curious as it is appalling. I wonder how that will work out for them come election time? Continue reading

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Wake Ed Board Member Fletcher Hijacks Common Core Standards

At the News and Observer, behind the pay wall of course, is this article: Wake County school board committee backs keeping Common Core standards

In a nutshell, it says Wake County School Board wants to keep Common Core because it will be another shift in curriculum.

“To change our curriculum again after three years just would be turmoil that we don’t need for our employees, our children or our state.” – Wake Board member Bill Fletcher.

Dear Mr. Fletcher, Common Core is a set of Standards not curriculum — or at least that has been THE major talking point coming out of supporters. Also, it’s clear Fletcher didn’t read the findings of the Common Core LRC or draft bill. That draft bill implies that Common Core will be here for a minimum of two more years while the commission replaces it. That means Common Core will be here for FIVE years. Must be that Common Core math he’s using. Continue reading

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Fletcher Returns To Wake County School Board

The Wake County School Board finally made a decision on something. They’ve filled the vacancy on the board left by Debra Goldman.

A past member of the Wake County School Board has been selected to fill Goldman’s empty seat. Fletcher will represent District nine. Fletcher served on the board previously from 1993-2005 and was elected to the board with six of the eight members voting for him. Fletcher will serve out the remainder of Goldman’s term, ending this November.

WNCN Reports: Continue reading

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