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#BENGHAZI Closed Door Hearing Report: Multiple Stand Down Orders

Reports have surfaced out of a closed door session that multiple stand down orders were given the night of the attack on the mission in Benghazi. Testimony from eight men have given testimony to the House Intelligence committee that points to stand down orders having been given in more than one instance. Continue reading

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#BENGHAZI: Whistleblowers, Refusing To Rescue and 60 Minutes

Last month, the Benghazi case was updated with a CBS 60 Minutes report given by Lara Logan. This marked the first time a major news outlet, other than FOX, had done a special on-air report on Benghazi and the segment came over a year after the attack. *Note – In the previous update, videos related to the Benghazi segment were pulled from YouTube by CBS.

This month, Logan has gone on the air to apologize for part of that report. Logan went on the air at the end of a 60 Minutes segment on November 10th, stating an account from Dylan Davies that 60 Minutes aired was now in question. Here is the statement that aired on the show via Business Insider: Continue reading

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#BENGHAZI: 60 Minutes Catches Up A Year Later

Lara Logan and CBS 60 Minutes producer Max McClellan presented a feature on Benghazi last night. The opening sounds like the story is being taken seriously unless you consider that perhaps this isn’t being used to set the record straight, but to direct where the needle goes next. As of this report, the 60 Minute Record is skipping right over Clinton and the White House.

“The events of that night have been overshadowed by misinformation, confusion and intense partisanship…” – Lara Logan, 60 Minutes: Benghazi Continue reading

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#BENGHAZI: Nakoula Released, Issa Trip Leaked; Updates

Last month, we had Democrats taking a pass on listening to testimony from the parents of the murdered among other updates. At the end of September, we have learned that the YouTube ‘film maker’ released, a trip to Libya by Issa was somehow leaked, more stolen weapons and in October, Obama’s questionable letter to one of the victim’s parents has been circulated. Continue reading

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#BENGHAZI: Democrats Walk Out On Victims Parents

At the Oversight Committee hearing on Benghazi yesterday, every Democrat but two got up and walked out just as the parents of the victims were about to give testimony.
Here are the names of those who walked out and should be utterly ashamed…

More related Benghazi updates below the videos. Continue reading

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9/11 Is Also Patriot Day

It’s coming up on 9/11. For the majority of people, 9/11 is the title most used, but it’s also known as Patriot Day or at least it was. President Obama renamed it to ‘Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance’ in 2009 (Read H.R. 1388 Sec. 1802 part k). Obama reminded us of his name change in 2010, 2011 and in 2012 but Wikipedia wants you to think it happened in 2012. Regardless of what this President added, changed or tried to downplay — it remains Patriot Day. WE WILL NEVER FORGET.

9/11 has been a day marked by horror – twice. One would think very few people would ever forget what happened on that Tuesday in September or at the mission in Benghazi where Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith and Glen Doherty were murdered. Yet many have. Some forget quite easily and in rather ugly ways: Continue reading

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#BENGHAZI: FOIA’s Denied, Ops Team Pulled From Search

It’s just under three weeks ago I updated on the Benghazi case. In that update, we had learned that Nakoula had granted an interview to the Daily Caller, witnesses and survivors were being hidden from Congress and that 400 surface to air missiles that were diverted to Libya were stolen by some ‘very ugly people’.

In the following update, I’ll cover the mainstream media finally denouncing the blame assigned to the YouTube video, the denial of one FOIA and information obtained from another, the pulling out of the investigative team in Benghazi and new meaning assigned to Hillary’s now famous outburt – What difference, at this point, does it make? Possibly a big one if the trail being abandoned leads back to Egypt. Continue reading

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