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The Raw Deal

The Gun store was called New Deal, but the Reese family who owned it seems to be getting more of a raw deal. The Demings are now facing multiple counts of an indictment alleging they sold guns to Mexican cartels, smugglers and related charges. The more one reads about this family and the charges against them, the more it looks like they were set up. Continue reading

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The Friday Focus (2/3/12)

THE FRIDAY FOCUS Holder Perjury Edition Rep. Buerkle (R-NY) questions Attorney General Eric Holder during the full committee hearing “Fast & Furious: Management Failures at the Department of Justice” on February 2, 2012: Stonewalling and egotistical grandstanding are the hallmarks … Continue reading

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The Friday Focus

Yep. The Attorney General of the United States, when his feet are held squarely to the fire under Oath, just sat there and debated what the definition of lying is. Continue reading

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