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Aid Org Pushing Refugee Placement In NC Embroiled in Bid Rigging, Bribery Scandal

An aid organization that wants to start placing refugees in Asheville, North Carolina has been meeting with the local chamber of commerce and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation according to the Asheville Citizen Times. North Carolina already ranks 9th when it comes to the … Continue reading

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I Apparently Live Rent Free In Gerrick Brenner’s Head – #ncpol #nced

Apparently, I am living rent free in someone’s head lately.

Living Rent Free In Someone’s Head. Interesting article. I’ll have a response. pic.twitter.com/aPyP0200pW

— A.P. Dillon – LL1885 (@LadyLiberty1885) November 3, 2015

Tons of cobwebs in there. Good times.

TommyLee ReallyThe article Brenner links to is an op-ed at News and Observer.

The long and short of the article being the same, tired and debunked narrative Brenner’s Progress NC has been pushing for the better part of the year — teachers are leaving because of pay!

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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Occupy Monday Protester To Fill Late Senator Nesbitt’s NCGA Seat

Terry Van Duyn has finally won an election. In 2012, she ran for Buncombe county commissioners in District 3 and lost miserably, coming in dead last out of 4 candidates. She’ll be filling the seat of the late Senator Nesbitt (NC-49) for the rest of what remains of his term. Here’s Van Duyn on the campaign trail in April 2012. She was Occupy Monday before it was all the rage:


Van Duyn wasn’t a shoe-in however, because it took three rounds of voting to get a majority… Continue reading

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But, But Moral Monday Told Me…

Education spending is being slashed by the GOP in NC!!! Moral Monday and liberal media told me so! But..but…horrible video making fun of us! We’re mad!


Why? Because it’s a fine example exposing the ‘group think’ in these crowds? Because the Buncombe Young Republicans were right? None of these people are very informed to start with? All of the above?

Crikey. If the Moral Monday people told you to jump off a bridge, would you? Given the video we just saw, don’t answer that. Continue reading

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MoMoMo: The Moral Monday Concert Series

Moral Mondays have vacated the NC General Assembly grounds in search of a new venue to whine to and whine they did – or rather sing. Singing, I use that term loosely here, is what took up the bulk of the rally. Perhaps they were lacking in the speaker department. They did manage to dig up a gentleman named Bacilio Castro who spoke only Spanish and had to have his speech translated. Funny thing, I think I’ve seen him before at another event and he spoke English then. Continue reading

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#MoralMondays: Hittin’ The Road

Just as we all thought we could enjoy the rest of our Summer in peace, ‘Moral Monday’ decides to take their noisy band of half-baked notions and hyperbolic signage on the road. First stop? Asheville. Continue reading

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