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The Hacks At Yahoo!

I glance at those little opinion polls on the front page of Yahoo! from time to time. This one caught my eye, but not for the poll. It was the hyperlink under it that made me shake my head. The poll asks, “Are you better off now than four years ago?”

Well, I clicked on my answer and got the above results. Then, right underneath it there is a hyperlink to a story, telling me my answer (Obviously NO, duh?) may be a matter of ‘perspective’. (After you read the article below, check out the comments for some fun.)

That hyperlink took me to this hatchet piece by the NY Times, which has this opening:

For Americans, Being ‘Better Off’ Is a Matter of Perspective Continue reading

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Charlotte Convention Motto: We Make This Possible

Charlotte unveiled it’s motto for the DNC – “We made this possible.”
Sounds a lot like “You didn’t build that.”
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