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CMS Superintendent Wants Common Core Opposition to ‘Be Specific’

CMS Superintendent Heath Morrison wants the Common Core Opposition to be specific. I think he will be getting more than he bargained for. Ann Doss Helms over at the Charlotte Observer’s Your Schools blog has the article up on this challenge. Go read the whole article, especially the bit she quotes from the Achieve, Inc. guy. Relevant snippet:

Mike Cohen of the DC-based nonprofit group Achieve, who helped develop the standards with state leaders, said President Obama and U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan inadvertently hurt the cause by “taking credit” for the Common Core push and using Race to the Top grants to prod states to embrace the standards.

Inadvertently hurt the cause? That’s a laugh. Race To The Top grants which arguably were monetary coercion for to adopt the Common Core were funded with Obama administration stimulus funds. Most people don’t know that. For some deeper reading on The Race To The Top, check out my three part series here. Continue reading

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More On That #UNCW “Survey”

The “survey” put out by two professors at UNCW is still making the rounds, despite it’s decidedly biased sample and lack of scientific methodology. For background, read my last article on it.

The “survey” has popped up on the Your Schools blog over at the Charlotte Observe Continue reading

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