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NC Chamber Misleads on #HB657, Seeks to Deny Choice to NC Students – #NCGA

“The business community’s input and needs were heard and clearly addressed in the high school math standards approved by the State Board.”
– NC Chamber of Commerce 6/14/16

The business community’s needs and input are far more important than that of parents and students. Continue reading

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Professional Lobbyist Pens ANOTHER Letter to NC Common Core Commission – #nced #asrc

Back in March, I reported on a professional lobbyist and PR consultant named Andrew Meehan who penned a letter to the NC Common Core Commission (ASRC) in support of the controversial Standards.

Mr. Meehan has struck again it seems. The Common Core Potemkin Village is well looked after.

This time a group of teachers, that includes members of the Gates backed Hope Street Group, has sent the commission a letter which failed to mentioned Meehan also penned the letter.

KEEP READING…. Continue reading

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NC Chamber Letter Passed To ASRC By Professional Lobbyist

In case you missed it this week, The NC Chamber of Commerce sent a letter to the Co-Chairs of the Common Core Academic Standards Review Commission pushing for a Florida-like rebrand.

Co-Chair Tammy Covil replied, which prompted the NC Chamber’s Gary Salamido to play the game of trying to get the last word in by sending another letter. The second letter was a case study in condescending tunnel-vision.

Well, I took a look at the FOIA for the first letter again. It was not sent directly by Gary Salamido, but instead by a professional lobbyist name Andrew Meehan.

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