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#AmplifyChoice: A Look at Two Denver Charter Schools

During the annual Amplify Choice conference held in Denver this year, participants were given access to two charter schools in the Green Valley Ranch area; Strive Prep and DSST Public Schools.

Here is a look at both of them… KEEP READING. Continue reading

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#AmplifyChoice: The Case For Charter Schools

At the recent Amplify Choice event held in Denver, Colorado, participants heard from advocates and elected officials in the state on the issue of charter schools.

Amplify Choice Kick off SmallIn 1993, Colorado adopted a charter school law. Since it’s inception, Colorado has seen a healthy number of charter schools formed.

See how Colorado’s charters are performing, how they are funded, underfunded and how that relates to the current North Carolina Charter School climate. Continue reading

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#AmplifyChoice: Eye-Popping Numbers On Admin Bloat vs Student Growth

On August 11th and 12th, the annual Amplify Choice conference, which focuses on school choice issues, was held in Denver, Colorado. During the conference, a presentation was given entitled, “The Economics of School Choice”.  The presentation was given by Ben Scafidi, … Continue reading

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#AmplifyChoice: 1 Mom, Multiple Choices

A few weeks ago, the Amplify Choice conference took place in Washington, D.C. with the aim of looking at the topic of Charter schools. Participants at the conference took a look at two D.C. schools and I delved into Charter schools in my home state of North Carolina.

A pervasive theme of the conference was the idea that school choice can mean a great number of things. Charter schools, private schools, virtual schools and homeschooling all were mentioned as top choices for parents.

In a nutshell, School Choice is ‘Multiple Choice’. Continue reading

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