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Correcting the Spin – Cruz And Rubio on Immigration

Through the Twitter and blogosphere, a narrative has emerged.

A laughable narrative, indeed: Ted Cruz is soft on illegal immigration… because of his proposed 2013 amendment to proposed Gang of Eight legislation.

Cruz himself even laughed. Continue reading

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Lawfare Over Illegal Immigrant Children In NC Schools

The Obama administration’s lawlessness regarding our border security resulted in a tidal wave of illegals coming over our Southern border. The Obama administration then parceled these illegal immigrants out to the states; including many children.

On behalf of these illegal kids, the Left of the Left are stepping up integration efforts via complaints to the DOJ. This is a likely overture to impending lawfare.


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Another Great Moment in #FORWARD Pandering

A new bumper sticker from the Obama campaign. Oh. The. Pandering. Continue reading

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Obama Illegal Alien Amnesty Speech: Cynical & Full of It.

I was reading the El Paso Speech that Obama gave today on Immigration Reform and just knew I was seeing similar phrases and recycled/reworked sections from another speech. So I went through my bookmarks and found one he gave at … Continue reading

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WTF 2012 – Undocumented Democrats

This post is entirely about the speech given by Barack Obama on Immigration on July 1, 2010. I am choosing to revisit a journal entry I did on it as Obama made it clear in his Facebook Town Hall that … Continue reading

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