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Pearson Is Everywhere: 2014 GED Results Show 90% Drop In Passage Rate

Welcome back to Pearson Is Everywhere!

Last time, we learned that the FBI seized documents related to technology devices (iPads) at LAUSD and were investigating the possibility of fraud in relation to the contracts.

Today, we’re looking at the crash and burn of the GED test scores after Pearson and American Council On Education (ACE) took it over, re-wrote the test and made it ‘Common Core Aligned’. Not only was the content ‘aligned, but so was the method. GED test takers now have to do it online. The result has been a catastrophic drop in the passage rate.

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Common Core Aligned: The GED

I had recently written how ACT was moving to a new test, ASPIRE, which is Common Core aligned. I mentioned the impact this would have on Homeschoolers and online learners opting out of public schools due to Common Core. Here is another hit on those same groups. Starting this year, 2014, The GED is now Common Core aligned. Continue reading

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