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Poll Reveals More About Zip Codes, Party Affiliations than #HB2

Just as the estimated 4,000 who turned out to support it Monday.

HB 2 is widely supported, that is, unless you ask Public Policy Polling (PPP). The same PPP who got their poll on Amendment One WAY wrong.

I took that poll. Keep reading.. see what interesting things were in it. Continue reading

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NC Bill ” Magistrates Recusal of Civil Ceremonies.”

Arguably a reaction to North Carolina’s Amendment One being overturned?

“Magistrates Recusal of Civil Ceremonies.”

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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NC Governor Perdue Issues Apolo-attack to Mississippi

In true Democrat form, Governor Bev Perdue issued her idea of an apology. It’s become apparent that to a Democrat, Liberal, Progressive or Lefty Moonbat, an apology is just another chance to slight the other party. Continue reading

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Occupy The Marriage License Office (Video)

Campaign for Southern Equality eh? Oh good, here come the protests and arrests. Never heard of them before or seen one arrested until now and the law banning gay marriage in NC has been around a long time. Hey, they’ve got some equality – they can be arrested just like everyone else.

Video from their page promoting civil disobedience: Continue reading

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NC Primary Roundup 2012

Full Amendment One voting results here. Voting information on Amendment One by County, with map, here. Interestingly, only seven counties in NC landed in the majority ‘against’ column: Buncombe, Watauga, Orange, Durham, Chatham, Wake and Mecklenberg. All of these counties were won by Obama in the 2008 General Election.

The big race for Governor on the Democrat side was won by Walter Dalton (318,144 or 45.87%). Tough luck for Bob Etheridge (278,218 or 38.01%) — he won’t be touching any voters in this race it seems. Dalton and Etheridge were the only ones pulling in six figure results. Continue reading

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Dear Gov. Perdue – You’re an Idiot.

I cannot wait until this woman is out of office. Only then can we stop the stupid from hemorrhaging from her mouth. She starts out talking about how adding this amendment to the NC Constitution is bad for business and then segues into talking about how the law already bans gay marriage in NC – even driving it home a second time. Continue reading

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Protect All NC Families: Dishonesty In Amendment One Ads

I wrote about this Amendment just recently and the tactics being employed to sway public opinion. They’ve dropped the ‘gay marriage’ line of attack in favor of fear mongering amongst unmarried heterosexuals – here is their latest ad: Continue reading

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