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#CPAC2013: Allen West Fires Up The Crowd

I couldn’t be at CPAC — the budget of a stay at home mom doesn’t have a lot of play in it. I was hesitant to dig for the cash to go due to the lack of inclusion of certain groups, but in the end I wish I could have attended to see speakers like Allen West (video below) and Sarah Palin. We need more of their fire.

[youtube=http://youtu.be/aN4u_edBopM] Continue reading

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The Morning Links (4/19/12)

* Punishing your enemies – the taxpayer: Obama To Unveil $52 Million “Plan” to Cover His Ass on Gas Prices
* President Spendy: Change Is…
* GREEN FAIL: Bankrupt Solyndra shells out $368,500 in bonuses

* Hookergate: As many as 20 girls involved in Secret Service hooker scandal More Hookergate: “The woman wanted to be paid for serving both agents. . . Instead, the agents would only agree to split her price.”
* Bad Move: Obama backs Secret Service director amid scandal

* Uber Race Card: Obama ties Trayvon to Anti-Immigrant Sentiments
* IL Bishop: Obama Following the Path of Hitler and Stalin (Video) Continue reading

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FL Dem Party Fail: Attempted Video Takedown of Allen West

Dear Florida Democratic Party, Thank you for the video gift which was wrapped in the ‘new tone’ style we’ve become accustomed to from you. If you think this hurts Allen West’s image or in some way is a first swipe … Continue reading

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The Morning Links (4/12/12)

My rant: Reagan Rule? Shut Your Dirty Alinsky Mouth.
President Arrogant: Obama’s snark helps Mitt

President Zero: Unemployed Americans Outnumber the Total Population of Germany
Obama’s War On Women: Women in the White House get paid the same as the men, only less Related: Barack Obama, Male Chauvinist Pig.
War On Women Narrative Fail: She’s breaking into the ‘boys club’ at Three Floyds Brewery

Dear Obama, you’re full of it: Statement Regarding the Recent Obama 2012 Press Release
Narrative Fail: Poll: Half Of Democrats Want To Get Rid of Individual Mandate
What we tolerate today becomes the norm tomorrow: One More Week, Another $9 Billion in Debt Continue reading

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CPAC 2012 Roundup

Video clips, highlights from CPAC 2012 Continue reading

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