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Occupy 2.0: American Family Values, DLCC and Teamsters

Just when we’ve covered one political action or social justice group affiliated with Big Labor and their resurrection of Occupy, another pops up.

Campaign forms to combat voter suppression nationwide. #ncpol #MoralMonday #ALEC http://t.co/xbg2xTmLdt

— Teamsters (@Teamsters) August 20, 2013

The link goes to an article on the Teamsters website that touts it’s new 501 (4)(c) group that fighting racism ‘voter suppression’ called American Values First.

Unions, Occupy and Moral Monday — one big, happy Lefty family.
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Occupy Reincarnate: Moral Monday Coalition

While covering the Mountain Moral Monday story this week, some tweets using the hashtag #MoralMondays caught my eye. At first, it looked like they were part of the event I was covering, but when I tweeted a question about it I soon discovered these people were not in Asheville. They were in Chicago at the Palmer House Hilton being arrested for protesting an upcoming ALEC conference.

What I found out about one of the protesters arrested at this new version of Moral Monday tracked right back to North Carolina…. Keep reading… Continue reading

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