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#War for the Senate 2014 Update: Franken & His Gun Problem

The Weekly Standard has a piece up right now about Franken and his attempt to out pro-gun his opponent, Norm Coleman, in 2008. The article has the following video:


“Look, I support the Second Amendment. I don’t think we’re any different on this,” Franken said, looking at his Republican opponent. “I support peoples right to collect guns, to use guns for protection, to hunt–I don’t think there’s any difference whatsoever between us!”

Franken gives me the creeps in general. Even more so in this clip when he asks, ‘do you really think I want to take people’s guns away?” He is lying like a rug, but he’s twice as thick and it shows. The answer is: “Why yes, Al. We do”. Coleman should have said it to his face. A lot of people wonder about Franken in his gun flip flop, so much so in fact, the press even asked Jay Carney about it today.

So, Minnesotans reading this. Check out my post on the 2014 Senate race and figure out how you’re going to kick Stuart Smalley out of office.

Image courtesy of Moon Nuker, Frank Flemming at imao.us

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