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GED, Common Core to Blame for Denkins?

I recently wrote about the Akiel Denkins shooting and over the weekend, a reader of the blog pointed me at a very lengthy article in the News and Observer about him.

The article is very long but the narrative throughout is that people knew Denkins was no angel but the reader is supposed to feel bad for him anyway. I feel bad when anyone loses their life, however if you’re going to sell drugs, run from cops and brandish a weapon at police… it sounds awful, but my sympathies are tempered somewhat there.

Having said that, it is quite possible this guy had no chance and that other avenues were cut off. I’ll explain.

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About That Police Involved Shooting In Raleigh… 8 Arrests in 2015 Alone

There was a police involved shooting this week in Raleigh that ended in the death of a suspect.

The man was arrested at least 8 times in 2015 alone, once for concealed weapons charges and most charges were related to drugs like Cocaine.

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