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The Socialists In NC: Close-up of a Comrade

It’s a scary time in America. Socialists are everywhere these days.
In this installment, we’ll take a look at a¬†familiar name in North Carolina activism who is also a Socialist affiliated with FRSO. ¬†All the information below is publicly available with links provided throughout. Continue reading

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About Those Groups Protesting #WCPSS’s Black Student Suspensions…

Three groups are protesting Wake County Schools discipline policies involving black students according to an article at News and Observer.

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About That “School To Prison Pipeline”…

News and Observer Ed blog has an article up quoting Wake County Board member, Jim Martin, on the alleged ‘school to prison pipeline’. The article cites the group “Education Justice Alliance” as taking exception to Martin’s comments.

There’s a punchline to Martin’s comments and the subsequent dismay by the Education Justice Alliance. He and the Wake School Board invited this ‘school to prison pipeline’ of attack in. Keep reading, you’ll see why.

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Wake Schools Grading Participation Trophies

Here comes the participation trophy in Wake County schools for academics. So much for “higher standards”? More like softening the blow for the next wave of disastrous end of course scores and year and grades.

The Wake County School board, famous for their infighting and busing for “socioeconomic diversity” debacle, now are leaving it up to individual schools in Wake county to decide if kids who don’t do their work should get bad grades. No, I’m not kidding.
So who is behind this push? Two far Left racial and social justice activists tied to both Moral Monday and Blueprint NC. Continue reading

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Why Won’t @NCAE Answer A Simple Question?

I’ve asked the NCAE’s Twitter account multiple times if they are involved in the formation of Aim Higher NC. It’s been nearly two weeks since I began asking and have received no reply. I’d give them the benefit of the doubt of not seeing the tweet, had it only been one. I’ve sent half a dozen now, including one this morning. Continue reading

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