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CMS Schools Still Pushing Sales Tax Issue; Using School Resources?

More politicking being done in our schools.

A citizen on Twitter alerted me that CMS (Charlotte-Mecklenburg) schools are still pushing the sales tax referendum out to parents. It should be questioned if school resources were being employed to do so.

Here is the tweet containing a picture of the letter parents received from the J.M Alexander principal. It invites parents to join CMS Superintendent Heath Morrison at a meeting about the proposed sales tax increase:

I challenge teachers-provide “living wage” math problem using common core math. @LadyLiberty1885 pic.twitter.com/o4m23E7G3h

— Rebecca Smith (@TriBecca1014) October 2, 2014

These letters were not the only form of communication used.

Robo-calls were made as well. Continue reading

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PAC Handing Out Political Signs In Iredell-Statesville Schools?

The PAC known as Our Schools First, has a Facebook post stating that Bond voting signs will be available at schools in the area. The signs say, “Vote YES! for Our School Bond and the post says ‘each school will have a supply of signs’.

From Facebook:

Our Schools First

We have “VOTE YES” signs ready for your yard and business! Each school will have a supply of signs, so contact your PTO to get one. You can also pick one up at Sawyer Insurance (417 East Plaza Dr., Mooresville) between the hours of 9-1 and 2-5:30, Monday through Friday. Thanks for supporting our kids by putting OUR SCHOOLS FIRST!

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Handing out political material in schools and by defacto using them as staging platforms again? I’m getting seriously sick of writing these kinds of articles.

KEEP READING… Continue reading

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CMS Middle School Distributes Sales Tax Referendum And Voting Info Flyers At Open House

A middle school in the Charlotte Mecklenburg school system distributed two flyers to parents this past week. One was an informational flyer on a sales tax referendum for the county, the other was information on voting. Several parents reached out to me and sent me copies of the flyers. See the flyers here.

These are the same flyers that were objected to by County Commissioner Bill James that this constituted political activism by the school. I covered that story and I agree with that assessment. These flyers, whether created by an outside entity or not, were distributed by official channels and in many cases on school property. That’s using tax dollars for political advocacy purposes. Continue reading

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